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About Us

Chong Wei Chit Sdn Bhd was first established and incorporated on 28th June 1991 by the founder father, Mr Chong Chit @ Chan Chit. From a humble beginning of rearing chicken in the backyard for its highly sought after source of protein, vitamins and minerals, the company had come to be recognized as among the main supplier and producer of high quality eggs in the market especially the “kampung eggs”.

Types of Eggs We Offer

Brown Eggs / 紅雞蛋 / Telur Ayam

Kampong Eggs / 甘榜蛋 / Telur Kampung

Omega 3 eggs / Omega 3 蛋 / Telur Omega 3

Salted Eggs / 鹹蛋 / Telur Masin

Quail eggs / 鵪鶉蛋 / Telur Puyuh

Century eggs / 皮蛋 / Telur pidan

Our Poultry Farm

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Classic Egg
Kampung Egg
Omega 3 Egg

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Telephone No : 06-316 2731
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Address : 6592, Jalan Lendu, 78000 Alor Gajah, Melaka
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